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Latest changes


  • New MPlayer version included: 1.0 rc 1
  • Fix: monitor aspect ratio is saved to configuration file
  • Replaced GUI fonts for the pleasure of LCD users with ClearType enabled
  • Installer is replaced: it is recommended to uninstall previous version before installing this


  • DVD opening fixed
  • Installer put codecs onto a wrong directory, now fixed
  • cache handling fixed
  • Extra stereo, Normalize volume, Default volume options now work with mplayer >= 1.0pre7
  • ...some other little fixes
  • new CVS mplayer with a lot of stuff, including x264 codec, Live! stream and others


  • playlist re-made: previous bug fixed
  • new playlist functions: introduced own playlist format (.mpl). Can handle also WinAmp .m3u playlist files. Playlist files can be opened as regular files so drag&drop, etc. will work with them.
  • if files associated with mpf, they will get its icon also
  • cache now can be set to always, none or all except harddisk (URLs, removable and other network media will be cached still in this mode)
  • movie aspect ratio setting
  • language handling changed: if some entry is missing from a language file, it defaults to the english


  • MPlayer 1.0pre6 used (MinGW build)
  • slowdown bug (hopefully) fixed
  • http proxy support
  • playlist fixes: multiple files can be selected (ie. to remove from list)


  • new mplayer cvs version. DirectSound output driver is ready, so finally you are able to play multichannel movies on multichannel soundcards!
  • opening dvd-s is much easier, even can play dvd movies from a folder on your harddisk
  • fixed a bug that caused mpf not to start on Win98


  • mplayer 1.0pre5 included with internal xvid
  • default DVD drive can be selected on the settings panel (defaults to first in system)
  • multiple instances bug fixed (when filename contains space character (grr M$!))
  • looping with playlist now loops playlist instead of started file
  • added transparency to mpf window


  • "Set keys" button on the settings panel now should work on every computer
  • Files dropped onto the playlist won't autostart even if Autostart Drag&Drop is set


  • fixd settings window positioning issue when full window drag disabled in windows
  • equalizer presets can be stored/recalled


  • 'only 1 instance allowed' code is much better now
  • installer improved: if upgrading, automatically detect where the program is installed already
  • new mplayer version: 20040608 with internal xvid codec (if not satisfied with libavcodec) To use enter -vc xvid into params if watching xvid movie


  • some bugfixes
  • mpf.ini multiuser write problem fixed: if a user cannot write to the main mpf.ini, automatically reverts to user homedir.


  • number of output channels setting bug corrected (I suppose)
  • sound equalizer (re)added


  • File association can be set!
  • some playlist fixes: if more than 1 file dragged onto the window than they will be put in the playlist; playlist automatically saved and restored
  • mpf now correctly displays mplayer version


  • always on top bug fixed
  • mplayer now tries to read extrenal codecs from /mplayer/codecs dir


  • Yeah! The mplayer included was 1.0pre3 for this time. Now I have compiled a post 1.0pre4 version, which has many improvements in stability and compatibility, some improvements in speed and functionality. Please go to the mplayer homepage to find out what's new. (one of them is the SSE support on mingw)
  • new video output methods. You can use now directx (directx), opengl (gl2), sdl (sdl), vidix (winvidix) and caca (caca). See Video drivers section for info on how to use them !
  • Always on top switch (mplayer video window will also be on top!)
  • if you drag&drop a file on the playlist, it will be added there if you do this with a subtitle file, drop it on the appropriate file entry in the playlist !


  • commandline option: if -start incuded after filename, it will be started automatically, regardless of the switch AutoStart Commandline
  • multiple files can be selected in the Open Media File dialog. Files will be added to the playlist automatically
  • multiple subtitle files can be selected so mplayer can display them simulteanously


  • commandline autostart now works again (was bad from 0.15.*)
  • shutdown routine is more app friendly on win2k and above :)
  • OSD and subtitle font outline and blur can be adjusted


  • language fixes
  • some minor fixes (PanScan,Expand didn't always work)


  • PanScan emulation !!! Although the video drivers don't know have panscan feature, it can be emulated. If you have a very wide movie, the sides can be stripped, so the movie won't be so narrow.
  • Expand: expand video to whole screen by insertint black stripes. This is very useful if you would like MPlayer to put subtitles and OSD outside the movie image.
  • Now mouse support is added with the default directx player. Left button:pause, right button:fullscreen, mouse wheel:volume. If you dislike it, edit mplayer/input.conf
  • MPlayer process priority setting. If movie playing pops or skips because of too heavy load on you machine (ie. you are also an ftp server), increase it. CAUTION! It can eat all your CPU!
  • Setting the number of audio output channels. Please test it, because I have only stereo sound system.
  • decoding of matrix encoded audio (ie Dolby Surround/ProLogic) to 4 or more channels. These are actually 2 channel audio datas, but if you have a 5.1 audio system, than you should try it, as large number of 2 channel audio films are really of this type. Use sub-woofer emulation also!
  • sub-woofer emulation - if the audio source does not have sub-woofer channel, it can be emulated from the front 2 channels.


  • MPlayer output window now does not always show up, default setting is only on error.
  • Image PostProcessing


  • I have recompiled mplayer myself, all optimizations turned on. Up to this time I've used a cvs version made by Sasha Sommer (downloaded from mplayerhq) Now i've managed to compile 1.0pre3 (the pre3 version i found wad buggy), and this is much faster!!! On my 850celeronii an 608x256 movie with ac3 consumes avaragely 20-30% with post-processing turned on!!!

tested with IE6, Mozilla 5, Opera 7, Links, Lynx
Last modified: 2012.09.07. 02:51
Recommended width: 800+ pixels
By Deje