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Here you can download the installer and language files. The download counter lives from 2004.05.26. (6176 days so far) and count this server only.

MPlayer + MPF frontend installers

The installer files contain the MPF frontend and a recent version of MPlayer. Important: the fullcodecs version include codecs which may require licenses from the authors of the codecs in order to use them!

mplayer_setup_0-19-1_full.exe16321 k9767
mplayer_setup_0-19-0_full.exe13643 k881
mplayer_setup_0-18-2_full.exe12702 k912
All (including old versions): 11560

New MPF test-releases

The new 1.0 version of MPF. Currently developement is going on, so the downloadable versions are not fully functional neither bug-free :).
If MPF crashes during play, please kill mplayer.exe process with the Task Manager also.
Use this version for testing only!

mpf_1.0test2_setup.exe3503 k5573
mpf_1.0test1_setup.exe3770 k732
All (including old versions): 6305

MPF frontend only installers

For people who want to use other MPlayer build than mine. And sometimes you will find newer MPF here than in the "full" distribution...

No files to download

Language files

Extract the files into the <mpf installed dir>/lang directory.

No files to download

Codec pack

Please visit the MPlayer homepage to download, and docs on how to use them.

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