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Please read documentation if you have any problems!
You should read MPF online docs, MPF offline docs: mpf_enu.txt installed along with MPF, and if you cannot succeed, try MPlayer Homepage. The MPlayer manual page is also installed with MPF (mplayer_man_en.html)

Newest version: 0-19-1

2011. june 8.

Website change: the website has been relocated to This change was unexpected for me and I also lack the backup of the old site. I could restore some files but please give me some time to get them all. The download counters are also reset because of this isse.

2007. july 11.

New version 0.19.1 uploaded. See Latest Changes for more.
It is recommended to uninstall all previous version before installing this version!

2007. jun. 26.

The current source code has been uploaded to the SourceForge repository.

2007. mar. 3.

Good news for everyone who likes this frontend: I have created an account on SourceForge for the project. Everyone who wants to participate in the developement of the project is kindly welcomed!
Please note that I will need a few days to prepare the required infrastructure (forums, source repo and such) needed for the project.

2006. may 13.

Finally I decided to make the MPF project open-source. I've been thinking about, but want to avoid it if I can. That site is a great one, but it's too slow and has too many ads and unneeded stuff.

Better solution would be a decent server which I can configure as I need - there are a quite number of project & source code management tools fo use. (for ex. Subversion for the source code repository and trac for the project management)

Please be patient while I manage this.

2006. feb. 22.

For those who are eager to try the new MPF I will upload a new test version soon - in 1 or 2 weeks. Project has grown to a size that needed the reorganization and rewrite of the code, so that further development and testing would be much easier. This was one of the many causes of the delay of release. If I will have time I will make a bugtracker available online to be able to develop this little mplayer frontend project to the best available on windows.

Some people asked if this MPF is available under Linux: the answer is no, because this project is written in Borland C++ Builder with VCL which compiles only for Window$. If someone has knowledge on Kylix and the CLX library, we might try to make it available under linux. But I think Java might be a good solution for platform-independency.

2005. dec. 1.

New section called Tips&Tricks started. You may find some features there which isn't supported yet, and other useful things...

2005. oct. 27.

New version 0-19-0 uploaded. New distro includes a little bugfix plus a new mplayer version with a lot of things compiled in. See more in Latest changes.

2005. oct. 9.

If anyone knows information on Total Commander's FTP password encryption, please share it with me. I want to integrate Total Commander's ftp list into the new MPF and I need the algorithm to decrypt passwords from the wcx_ftp.ini file.

2005. jul. 23.

Sorry for progressing so slowly with the MPF 1.0 project, it has a lot of work to do, and I have very little time for it. Please be patient, I try to finish it this year, but can't promise anything.
(the main reason for the delay is the buggy directx video driver - I have to modify it to eliminate some issues. Bad, bad work... I can't get myself to begin...:)

2005. jul. 18.

Some days ago the European Parliament has rejected the proposed software patent directive. This is a great victory for free software, but this is not an ultimate victory, we have just won time. If you are interested in the topic please read more on MPlayer homepage or on

2005. jun. 5.

I have uploaded a developement test version of the brand new MPF, which will be version 1.0 if completed. Media Player 6.4 (or Media Player Classic:) style user interface, lots of setting, and yes, seekbar! Settings can be changed on-the-fly, so you won't have to restart movie if you change something.
Note that this is under developement, please do not send any bugreports for now.

2005. mar. 29.

New version uploaded 0-18-2. Playlist bug fixed! Differences can be found on the lastest changes page.

2005. feb. 28.

New version uploaded 0-18-1. It contains the 1.0pre6 MPlayer. The fullcodec version has the newest codecs.

The previous version had a serious bug: on some machines the playback slowed down sometimes. I could not reproduce this on my computer, but hopefully I had managed to solve this. Please report if this try was unsuccessful.

2005. jan. 31.

At last this page moved to a decent server, I hope that problems are away forever :)

Thanks for Miklos from DZM for the host!

2005. jan. 20.

Downloading files may be restricted due to bandwidth limitations on this server. My host, UltraWeb says it might long for a week or so, so please use the mirror at BME do download files.

Some people reported that mplayer slows down after a while and stays so. This is weird incompatibility between mpf and mplayer, I will repair it when I will have time for it. Only version 0-18-0 affected (anyway on my machine it works well) Please use an older version until I release the new one if it slows down for you.

2005. jan. 4.

Forum launched. If anyone interested. Write bugreports, etc. into it.

2004. nov. 11.

At last a new version (0.18.0) uploaded. It includes the latest mplayer cvs version with the full windows codec pack to be able to play almost every media file. Now you can play DVD movies more easily with this mpf version. Please send suggestions/bugs to my email if you want.
Note: Win98 issue also fixed so it will work.
DirectSound audio output driver now works! Movies with more than 2 channels of audio data (i.e. AC3) can be played now surround, not just stereo. Just set the correct number of channels on the Audio tab.

Important: The extrenal codecs included with the fullcodec install are not under the GPL license. Indeed most of the codecs are not allowed to be used with any other software than that the writer of the codec allows. So if you don't want to violate software laws you must not use these codecs: either delete them from the installed mplayer folder (..\Program Files\MPlayer\mplayer\codecs) or not use the fullcodec version at all!

2004. jun. 29.

Docs updated. Info can be found about requirements to run mplayer and about mpf configuration files.

2004. jun. 11.

Added Latest Changes to the website to see the latest changes if anyone interested.

2004. jun 6.

Yeah! 1000 downloads in 10 days... (including the mirror) that's not too bad!

2004. may 26.

At last I have moved the mpf official site to the UltraWeb server. The previous server was a great fuck. I had got several mails that one cannot access the page. I hope this will be over for ever.

New website design! I will add a download counter soon to see how many times have this software been downloaded...

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