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How to change video resolution on playback

Some users have few video memory, and need to change video resolution during playback. For example a video card with 2 MB of ram cannot play double-buffered at 1024x768 so the subtitle will blink. If you change to 640x480, it will work fine, and you won't notice any visual downgrade. To change resolution (to 640x480), enter the following as extra parameters:

-vm -screenw 640 -screenh 480

Screenshot thingie

To take screenshots, you have to disable the overlay video accelaration, and you can make those pictures with PrintScreen (and then Paste into your favourite image editor). To disable hardware accel, enter as extra parameters:

-vo directx:noaccel

tested with IE6, Mozilla 5, Opera 7, Links, Lynx
Last modified: 2012.09.07. 02:51
Recommended width: 800+ pixels
By Deje